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This company, M/S KISAN RAMCHANDRA AUCTIONEERS PVT LTD is an Auctioneering Enterprise which renders service in a specialized line with the experience that has been gained by the people managing it over a number of years with distinction and innovative approaches. The Enterprise has achieved the high standard expected by its clients and renders services which the highest possible returns.

A Strong team both at the helm and down the line has dealt with multifarious activities connected with this business with the complete satisfaction of our clients so much that their services have been sought after. We shall aim at excellence together with you once the jobs of auctions are entrusted to us.

We have dealt with government Departments, large scale Semi-Government Organizations and very well known corporate entities in the Private Sector.

Our services in this connection would not only include conducting auctions, but also preparatory work which enhances the returns and post - auction follow up with realization of proceeds, where as other Auctioneers would only confirm their service to the specific auctions. Needless to add, not only would we ensure a high standard of performance but also improve upon it according to the needs and requirements of our reputed clients.

Once the work is entrusted to us, we would arrange for the following in order to secure the best participation and the maximum realization:

Careful Survey and advice on segregation of material.
Advertisements in Newspapers and Journals both National, Local and in various languages where the material would have vast market.
Compilation of catalogues of material proposed for disposal and mailing these to parties most interested in the particular material.
Making personal and other contacts with buyers to effect widest possible participation.
Deployment of personnel for various connected and related activities.
Making all arrangements for the auctions including fixing up dates and venues of the auction.
Arranging realization of auction proceeds and payment to the authorities concerned.
Follow-up on payment of balance money and for lifting of material within the stipulated period.

We would bring in our work the established relationship and close contacts of the undersigned and other officers concerned in these Enterprises with the buying community as also the Departments and Organizations we have been dealing with. This could be of great value and importance in carrying out the activities smoothly and profitably

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