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CG Power And Industrial Solutions Limited, Stamping Division, Ahmednagar

CRNO Melting-1500 MT, Jali/Hexagon/ Kachhua-200 MT, Circles Scrap-66 MT and other Scrap Material.





IMPORTANT NOTE FOR HAZARDOUS WASTE:- Parties must have Registration with MoEF Govt. of India, CPCB & SPCB/ MPCB/ PCC. Bidders are required to submit Xerox copies of their valid licence/ passbook alongwith registration form. All the details on their licence/ passbook will be verified thoroughly and only after verification Login ID & password will be issued to those bidders whose licence/ passbook are in the line.

*AUTO EXTENSION: In case of those lots where BID is registered during last three minutes, BIDDING for such lots would get extended & during this extended time slot if further BID is registered it would consist of time leftover of earlier extension together with three minutes of BID registered subsequently.
If any BID is NOT registered during last three minutes bidding for such lots gets automatically closed.

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